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#10: Why Great CX is Personalized, Responsive, and Trustworthy (Kristen Craft, Ovia Health)

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For this episode, we’re talking all things customer experience with Kristen Craft, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Ovia – the leading maternity benefits program.

Kristen has over a decade of experience working for companies like Kaplan, The Parthenon Group, Transparent Language, Wistia, and now Ovia Health. Kristen received her BA from Brown, her Masters in Education from Harvard University, and her MBA from MIT Sloan.

Today we cover all things customer experience and how she and her team at Ovia Health always make their decisions with the customer in mind using the personalized, responsive, and trustworthy method.

I loved this conversation and found it very actionable, as I’m sure you will too. So as always, grab a pen, grab some paper, and without any further ado, please welcome, Kristen Craft.



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