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The Dispatch software has been used by over 1/3 of homes in America. This is because we make it easy for enterprise service brands to gain real-time visibility across their entire independent network while simultaneously delivering unparalleled experiences to their end-customers.

Home Warranty

Landmark Home Warranty

Landmark Home Warranty improves their time to completion, boosts their customer satisfaction, and dramatically reduces their phone call volume.

Time to competition

45 %

Call volume

52 %

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Deliver a consistent customer experience across your network.

Reduction in job cycle time

61 %

Marketing Attribution

Augment your booking or dealer locator page with online scheduling!

lead-generated revenue

3 %

Home & Property Services

With all your locations on the same platform, it becomes easy to gain insight and control over field operations and the end customer experience.

Reduced time to schedule jobs

40 %

Franchise Services

Lower your chance of customer churn by 14%

Customer Retention Rate

20 %

Home & Property Services

Handyman Connection organization is seamlessly linked, informed, and better able to do their jobs.

More connected!

100 %

Home Warranty

Landmark improved NPS by 200%.

NPS Increased

200 %

Ready to own every service experience from lead to lifetime customer?

Centralize all service interactions onto one platform and gain real-time visibility across your independent service provider network.

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