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#17: Why Having a Remote Culture Improves Customer Experience (Nick Francis, Help Scout)

Company culture plays a large role in delivering memorable customer experiences. If everyone is bought into the mission, you’ll have an easier time creating surprise and delight moments. Plus, it will be easier to stay close to the customer’s needs and wants.

In this episode, we’re interviewing Nick Francis, the CEO of Help Scout, a help desk software with over 8,000 customers across 140 countries.

We’re learning why Help Scout decided to have a remote culture and how that improve their customer experience, how that increased their customer retention, and what metrics were affected by this decision.

Additional topics include:

  • What is the connection between remote workers, culture, and customer experience
  • What are common customer experience mindsets that are better suited as myths
  • Specific roadblocks that companies face when trying to achieve excellent customer experience?

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