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#20: Connecting Customer Experience to Business Strategy (Justine Jordan & Taylor Davis, Litmus)

Today, we’re sitting down with Justine Jordan (former VP of Marketing) and Taylor Davis (Customer Support Manager) to learn how Litmus – the leading email testing platform – is connecting customer experience to their overall business strategy.

In 2015 Justine was named “Email Marketing Thought Leader of the Year” by Direct Marketing Association and is argued as one of the leading experts in the field of email marketing. Taylor is the resident customer support guru who is creating impactful mindsets for how teams and organizations should approach, measure, and refine customer support.

In today’s discussion we talk about:

  • Strategies that Litmus uses to get closer to their customers.
  • Impactful customer experience lessons learned from other companies.
  • Resources used to help improve the customer experience.
  • Common customer experience mindsets that are better suited as myths.
  • The aspect of running a business that is closely tied to the customer experience.

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