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3 Reasons You Will Fall In Love With Full Service Operations Visibility, Powered by Dispatch

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Your pro network is your blessing and your curse. First, you need to find the right ones. Then, you need to keep them. Seems simple enough, but with your competitors trying to do the same thing, and customer expectations steadily rising, working with your third-party network can become a significant challenge. In addressing this challenge, however, lies an opportunity.

Reason #1: Streamlined Operations & Better Communication

One of the best ways to improve contractor loyalty is to use technology to make their jobs easier. Your contractor’s mobile device can become your most important tool for driving quality customer experiences. They can manage almost everything, scheduling, communication, after-service, and more, from your mobile device. No matter where they are, with Dispatch, they’ll have the ability to run their business and offer your customers a professional and customer-centric experience.

Reason #2: More Visibility for Contractors

A contractor never wants to enter a job meeting an angry, frustrated homeowner who’s seething because of long waits and a lack of communication. The “last mile” of service is massively important for service quality. Get it wrong, and customer experience suffers, fast. Get it right, and you have fewer “bad surprises” to worry about — because you will have real-time insight into how the customer is experiencing your service.

Transparent communication doesn’t just create certainty for customers, but for third-party contractors too. They’ll know what to expect when they walk into a home and they’ll know when problems arise, allowing them to deal with them in real-time. 

Reason #3: Tools to Help Your Contractor Grow

So you want the best pros, and you want them to participate in your preferred pro programs. This tried-and-true approach to finding and keeping the best possible pros is mutually beneficial – you know that the person walking into your customer’s home is going to represent you well, and will recommend your brand whenever possible. Your pros know that they’re getting the highest level of support and attention from the brands they sell and use for their projects.

Dispatch can be part of your preferred pro program, offering your network powerful tools they can use to do your jobs as well as their own, while providing you with visibility into their performance. Again, it’s mutually beneficial – your pros get something that helps them improve their operations, and you get the insights you need to cultivate that perfect network, and ensure your customers are getting an experience that accurately reflects your brand.

In this way, pro loyalty and customer loyalty go hand-in-hand. The more you do for your pros, the more you do for your customers. If you provide them a solution like Dispatch’s, you’ll give them a pretty good reason to stick around, and sing your praises.

A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships

Dispatch is a platform for home service brands that rely on independent service providers to build lifelong customer loyalty through delivering the best products and the best services.

Your customers improve their homes, your pros improve their business, and you improve your brand reputation. Who said it had to be a challenge?

Dispatch can help you partner with your pros to reduce costs and improve service across the board. Request a demo or more info here

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