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Better Compliance and Unbeatable Customer Experience: Dispatch for Franchises

As a franchise grows, it becomes increasingly more difficult — and vital — to craft, maintain, and ensure consistent, repeatable customer experiences.

There is a great scene in “The Founder” that depicts the importance of franchisee compliance. Ray Kroc visits various locations across the country, only to find that some are dirty, some are selling off-menu items, and some are not open when they should be.

Ray’s dream of a coast-to-coast reliable customer experience wasn’t flourishing, and he had little control over his brand.

Dispatch for Franchises

Many service franchisors face this same issue.

As franchisees dispatch their maids, handymen, or the like into the field, the franchisor is relying solely on that workforce to deliver the brand promise. This puts the franchisor in a tough spot because without having technology that connects the three parties involved in the service experience, the franchisor is, unfortunately, operating in the dark.

Now, however, there is a platform that solves this precise issue and a lot more.

Dispatch is a mobile and web-based platform that helps franchise owners centralize their franchisee network — providing critical visibility into the performance of every location, service provider, and overall customer experience.

The Benefit of Connecting Your Franchises with Dispatch

When a franchisor uses Dispatch to connect and track their franchisees, they’ll receive real-time performance data about every location, as well as instant 5-star feedback from customers about their experience.

If your headquarters are in Los Angeles, and you have a franchisee in Huntsville, Alabama, a Huntsville contract employee could complete a job and you (the franchisor) would have real-time visibility into critical service interaction data. Did the service professional arrive at the house on time? Did the mileage make sense for the anticipated route? Did the job get completed on one visit? Is the customer happy about the service?

Our platform helps franchisors improve compliance and create a consistent unified customer experience through end-to-end visibility and real-time insights.

“How fast are my franchisees scheduling appointments?”

This is one of the most important questions a franchisor can ask, yet the answer is often elusive.

With Dispatch, as soon as a job is scheduled, the homeowner gets a notification letting them know that their job is scheduled and in good hands. In that same vein, the franchisor knows when the franchisee was contacted by the customer and how quickly the job was scheduled. All of this is tracked in one centralized dashboard, helping the franchisor gain real-time insight into how fast each franchisee is scheduling jobs.

Dispatch for Franchises

Additionally, when a job is scheduled, customers receive a link letting them add the appointment to their own calendar — making it easy to remember. And finally, every action taken in Dispatch by either the customer or the franchisee send notifications to all parties involved, keeping everyone in the loop.

The Dispatch platform allows a customer-focused franchise to operate as a world-class organization, delivering service excellence at every moment.

To learn more about how you can improve customer experience and gain full transparency into your entire franchise organization, visit Dispatch.

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