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Can You Hold Please? Don’t Lose Your Millennial Customers

There is nothing more frustrating for millennials than being asked to “hold” in 2018.

Something breaks in their home, they call for help, and on the other end of the phone is a customer service process straight out of 1995.

Ok, that may be a little dramatic, but let’s face it: some home service companies still use the same technology and provide the same customer experience that they did two decades ago. Asking customers to hold, reschedule multiple times, or provide a time window with no means to update or track that appointment–these are the parts of the job that seem normal for so many home service companies, but foreign to millennials.

This approach by companies doesn’t work for millennial homeowners–who each year acquire a larger share of home ownership, and bring with it a unique set of expectations that differ greatly from older generations (for more on millennials and home ownership, check out our previous post here).

There is a way forward for traditional home service enterprises, but it will take some understanding of millennials first, their go-to technologies, and a willingness to change business philosophies.

It’s all a matter of perspective – or is it?

Older generations often stereotype the millennial as impatient, almost anti-social. For them, young adults always seems glued to their smartphones, and the moment they have to wait for something they come off as disgruntled, adult-sized children.

Millennials are in fact strongly socially connected (especially across digital platforms), and incredibly efficient at orchestrating their daily lives through a dizzying array of mobile apps. They are mature, informed, and hyper-aware that there is always an easier way to get something done, for less money, and with their smartphones.

Looking for a date tonight? Swipe right. Now you’re matched. Go get ‘em, tiger. Booking a table for two for dinner? No need to call. Swipe down, press there, done. Want a ride downtown? Type in your address, tap once, done.

This is the sort of reality millennials live in every day.

Home service companies cannot accept average anymore

So, if in a day’s time a millennial can use their phone to get quality food, a safe ride, and maybe even find love, then why should they be expected to tolerate a traditional service company that refuses to use smart technology for their customers?

Millennials can order and track the delivery of their sushi with one finger, yet they have to wait around all day not knowing if the home repairman will arrive to fix the leak in their ceiling, or the HVAC system, or the hundreds of other repair problems that homeowners encounter–that problem needs to change.

As loyal as millennials are to the brands and companies they support, if they’re put through a poor customer experience, companies can bet they won’t be calling for help again–because they will find a competitor online that does the same job with better communication, technology, and prices.

The tech you need

So what type of tech do companies need to attract millennial customers?

For starters, a single mobile messaging, scheduling, and location tracking technology can win major points with millennials.

At Dispatch, customers skip the phone tag and schedule their home repair appointments online.

This means the cable guy actually arrives on time and well prepared to respond to the needs of their clients. After an appointment is made, customers are quickly connected with their technician in a simple, web-hosted mobile messaging extension. Through this service, customers can text the cable guy if they want to reschedule, let them know about parking in their neighborhood, or any other information about the job.

And the minute the technician starts the job, customers receive real-time tracking, mobile alerts, and instant ratings and reviews–a feature many millennials are accustomed to in other industries and services.

The entire process becomes effortless, transparent, and interactive, something that millennials certainly appreciate, and will keep coming back to if done right.

There’s no mystery technology or process to acquiring millennial customers. For a traditional home service company, it just takes a willingness to adapt with the times.

So if you’re interested in expanding your customer base, and optimizing your company’s technology, speak with Dispatch today.

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