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Check Out The Latest Dispatch Product Updates

Dispatch has a couple of exciting product updates. We’ve added functionality to make managing jobs easier. 

Searchable Jobs 

The job search feature has been moved to the jobs page in Dispatch for more convenient access. You can search jobs by customer name, address, technician, status, or job source. The improved User Interface allows customers to more easily find the information they’re looking for and click directly into the job and get all pertinent job information. 

Appointment Confirmations

We now allow flows to be created in Twilio to automate appointment-related messages. Once an appointment is created in Dispatch you can send appointment confirmations to users. When the notification is sent, the end-customer will get a text notification asking them to confirm their appointment, much like the appointment reminders we get when we make a doctor or dentist appointment. The customer can then confirm or cancel the appointment by responding to the text message directly. 

Once confirmed or canceled, the appointment will be updated in Dispatch and sent directly to the dispatcher or technician. If we’re still awaiting a response, the pending icon will show. Customers can work with Dispatch customer success to configure appointment reminders on the timeline of your choosing. With these automated flows, your organization will save time and money in call center/dispatching costs because appointment reminders and communication will be sent automatically. 

To learn more about these features, speak to your customer success team contact. 

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