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The Intersection of Customer Experience and Field Service

Where Customer Experience Meets Field Service telco

As long as we can remember, customer experience in the telco, cable, and PayTV space has been unbearably unpleasant. After scheduling a job, homeowners are left in the dark, wondering what is happening, if the technician will arrive on time, and who will be showing up. This is an issue…

When customers are informed about what is happening, they’re content, they’re happy, and they have little uncertainty about the job. Alternatively, when they’re not informed about the job, and don’t know who is coming or when they quickly build anxiety about the service as a whole. They build resentment toward the brand and look for the slightest thing to go wrong in order to validate their anger. Say the technician happens to be late, they’ll say, “see, I knew this would happen.”

At the end of the day, customers expect more, they demand more, but most of all, they deserve more.

After working with some of the largest home service enterprise brands in the world, we’ve found that in order to improve NPS and customer satisfaction, telco companies should provide these three things:

  • More communication with the customer after the job is scheduled
  • Omni-channel communication to match the customer’s (sms, phone, email, twitter, FB, etc.)
  • Immediate customer feedback after a job is complete

As other in-home service companies innovate and raise the “customer experience bar,” it’s time for you to do the same. So, if you’re saying to yourself, “we want to improve but don’t know how without overhauling our entire system,” then keep reading…

We are the Experts in Last Mile Customer Experience (CX)

Over the years, we’ve discovered a few things. First, every field service company is different and having one blanket system for their needs won’t work. Secondly, all field service companies have unique levers that can vastly improve customer experience — it’s comes down to collecting the right data in order to discover them.

Our experience has shown that implementing Uber-like customer experiences, and automatic appointment reminders have helped large service companies increase their NPS scores by more than 35% and decreases their inbound call-volume by more than 37%. On a large scale when companies are getting hundreds of thousands of calls a month, lowering these calls and increasing NPS has been game-changing.

The data clearly shows that metrics improve because customers feel empowered. At the end of the day, customers just want to know what is happening with their appointment – reducing anxiety and uncertainty.

It’s that simple.

Customers don’t expect much, they just expect transparent communication, and when it’s not met, they quickly become detractors from your brand, hurting your online reputation.

Our mission is to help every service company deliver memorable (and most of all, repeatable) customer experiences. Dispatch provides modern day solutions to old world home service problems. If you are interested in learning more, schedule some time with us and let’s see how we can help. Send us a note at

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