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Mobile Work, Evolved – Dispatch Acquires Youreka

Exciting Announcement!

Dispatch was founded on the promise of enabling enterprise brands to do more with their independent service providers or franchise locations – more visibility, more control, and a better end customer experience. Through a laser-focus on this goal, we have evolved our product to better address our customer’s challenges with industry-leading features and an innovative approach to field service.

We are thrilled to announce the next step in our evolution – the acquisition of Youreka.

Youreka is a Salesforce-native mobile automation solution that digitizes data collection in the field and office, standardizes complex business processes, and guides operational procedures for both independent and dedicated workforces.

By adding Youreka to the Dispatch family of solutions, we will continue to provide critical functionality to enterprise brands that benefit from more control over their workforce and more visibility into actionable service intelligence data.

Why it’s cool

We recently announced the launch of our Mobile Workflows feature, which helps service brands guide their field resources to provide a more consistent experience for customers, and helps standardize data collection across every job.

The Youreka solution takes this concept and amplifies it, offering:

  • Digital smart forms for complex data collection
  • Resource ‘up-skilling’ with guided procedures for complex logic
  • Bleeding-edge AI and AR functionality that augments field resource capabilities

Pat Burns, CEO of the combined company, said:

“Youreka fills a key gap in field service automation”, said Pat Burns, Dispatch CEO and Former SVP of Product for ClickSoftware. “Youreka allows service organizations to build smart, repeatable procedures that allow all technicians to perform their best work. The combination with Dispatch opens new market opportunities and brings us closer to Salesforce.”

“More and more industries are relying on independent or hybrid workforces, which creates difficulty around standardizing experiences for both customers and field resources. The Dispatch platform helps service brands overcome these challenges just like we do.” notes Dan Bergner, Founder and Chief Product Officer for Youreka, who will join the combined Dispatch executive team as General Manager of Youreka.

What it means for our customers

This is great news for Dispatch customers, who will continue to benefit from the functionality and value being driven by their usage of the Dispatch platform, and the continued engagement of their service networks.

  • Your experience with the Dispatch platform will not change. We will continue to invest in core Dispatch capabilities, innovate on the platform, and provide solutions that transform field service.
  • Your existing support team will stay in place, with the potential addition of new expertise and viewpoints from the Youreka team.
  • If there is a potential opportunity to layer the Youreka solution into your existing implementation of Dispatch, your account manager will reach out.
  • Dispatch will continue to prioritize customer needs in our product roadmap as the Youreka team continues to evolve their product in tandem.

‘The Future of Mobile Work’

“Our goal has always been to help enterprise businesses regain control over their field service operations and help them scale their businesses through a better and more measurable service process.” notes Burns. “The acquisition of Youreka represents both an evolution of our existing core product, as well as a first step towards a combined vision that outpaces the potential market impact and opportunity of each company individually.”

For more information on this exciting step forward for the Dispatch solution, reach out to your account manager or sales rep, or take a look at our Press Release.

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