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Dispatch and FieldEdge Announce Strategic Partnership

BOSTON, MA — Dispatch, the industry leader in empowering enterprise brands to digitally connect with home service providers and power a modern service experience, announced today a partnership with FieldEdge, the leading field service management software for contractors. This partnership will enable FieldEdge users to interact with Dispatch customers directly in the FieldEdge interface, providing valuable insights on real-time actions to data-driven enterprises. In a statement, Dispatch CEO Avi Goldberg praised their newest partner, saying that FieldEdge “essentially invented field service technology more than 35 years ago; their team is one of the most innovative groups out there. Pairing our platform with FieldEdge’s technology is a major win, especially for contractors and homeowners.”

After powering millions of customer interactions in over 30% of the homes in America, the visibility that Dispatch provides into field operations has helped customer-centric enterprise brands reduce their customer no-show rate by 86%, increase their NPS by 35%, and lower their “Where’s my tech?” calls by 37%. As more home service brands look for competitive advantages, they’re turning to Dispatch to drive both higher customer lifetime value and lower operational expenses — leading to significant gains in operating margin.

FieldEdge has accomplished many firsts in its industry, bringing the first service management software to the market in 1980 and releasing the first electronic dispatch board in the mid-90s. As the leading provider of field service solutions, FieldEdge has helped customers reduce time spent on dispatching and scheduling by 50%. In addition, FieldEdge’s real-time QuickBooks integration streamlines the accounting process so contractors have more time to focus on the core business needs such as employee retention, recruiting and growing their customer base.

“The Dispatch Gateway with FieldEdge will help contractors better communicate with enterprises and homeowners  — with appointment reminders, status updates, and customer experience surveys, all of which will give FieldEdge users a competitive advantage on performance and customer satisfaction,” said Dispatch Head of Customer Engagement Sam Crowell Richard. With the Gateway, FieldEdge users will be able to automatically receive and return work orders from the warranty companies, manufacturers, lead generators, and other field service enterprises that Dispatch serves. Additionally, FieldEdge users will receive their own customizable booking page linked to FieldEdge, enabling lead capture 24/7/365.

“FieldEdge is laser-focused on giving its users the best possible tools so that they can be the best home service providers in the business,” Goldberg continued. “Our Gateway strategy is about opening up our platform to the world’s leading field service technology providers. Ultimately, that benefits the customer and the contractor by facilitating simple, seamless experiences. That makes our two missions very aligned.”

“With the seamless Dispatch Gateway, we are equipping contractors with the resources necessary to bring in qualified leads and book more jobs directly within the FieldEdge software,” said Connie Certusi, President of FieldEdge, “The joint efforts between Dispatch and FieldEdge have allowed us to offer our customers a new, innovative integration experience. We are excited to partner with the Dispatch team and bring the Gateway to the market so both FieldEdge and Dispatch customers can improve the service experience and drive more revenue for their businesses.”

If you’re a Service Industry Professional interested in learning more about the Gateway, or using FieldEdge to power your business, sign up for a demo here.

If you work for a brand that leverages relationships with Service Industry Pros, and are looking to gain visibility into the experiences your customers encounter globally, reach out to Dispatch at sales@dispatch.me.

About Dispatch

Dispatch, headquartered in Boston, is one of the fastest-growing software companies in America. Leveraging its proprietary platform and industry-leading technology integrations, Dispatch partners with customer-centric brands to simplify complex home service logistics. The company helps brands build data-driven processes from information collected by their networks, deliver extraordinary customer experiences, and leverage analytics to constantly improve their operations – all of which leads to significantly higher margin for Dispatch brand partners.

Specialized enterprise verticals include Dispatch Home Services, Dispatch Franchise Services, Dispatch Home Appliances & Technology, Dispatch Retail, and Dispatch Consumer & Commercial Services. Current brand partners include Carrier, Rheem, Merry Maids, American Home Shield, The Maids, Ingersoll Rand, and many others.

About FieldEdge

FieldEdge is the leading service management software company, enabling contractors to run their businesses with ease. As the original service management software, FieldEdge has helped thousands of organizations increase sales performance and productivity by managing all aspects of their daily operations for 40 years. FieldEdge’s comprehensive solution includes features such as smart dispatching, automated management of service agreements, visual pricebook, GPS tracking, real-time QuickBooks integration, payments in the field and marketing automation. FieldEdge has offices in Fort Myers and Atlanta. To learn more visit www.fieldedge.com or contact us at 800-226-7529.

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