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Dispatch Digest #3

Mobile Stability

We are happy to announce some significant improvements to the performance of our service provider-facing mobile apps. We looked at your feedback and performed rigorous performance testing to identify opportunities to make our app faster and more reliable.

Here are some ways we improved our app:

  • Faster load times and significantly fewer crashes
  • Improvements to offline mode
  • More efficient use of storage
  • Improved battery life when using location tracking

We are constantly working to improve the performance of our tools, which will translate into better quality of life for all of our users. These updates will help us maintain the high level of performance that you expect, and to continue improving the software you rely on to get the job done right.

Customer Portal – Notes and Photos

The Dispatch Customer Portal is the unique way your customers can interact with your brand throughout their service experience. Customers stay informed about the whereabouts of their technician, and have access to all the information they need while receiving service, all without having to download an app.

The Customer Portal can also help technicians gain all of the information they need before an appointment. Now, the customer can upload notes and photos into the Customer Portal before their appointment begins, allowing them to share images of the products or areas of their homes that need service, and to provide pivotal service information, like a gate code.

This ability will help improve first time fix rate, and will reduce the number of appointments needed to complete many jobs. Reach out to your account manager to enable this new feature.

Customer Portal – Payments

The Dispatch mobile app has always allowed technicians to send invoices and collect payments from customers. Now, we have built that same functionality directly into the Customer Portal. Customers can receive estimates and invoices directly in the portal, approve those estimates to start work, provide their billing information and pay for the transaction on their own phone.

This is a great way to improve the efficiency of your service providers as they move from job to job. The technician doesn’t need to wait around while the customer deliberates about their payments – the customer can pay on their own terms. It also improves the ultimate experience that customer gets by offering more flexibility around approving estimates and paying invoices.

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