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Dispatch Digest – October 2020

White Paper - Service provider and customer loyalty

Delivering excellent service is complex. Customer expectations are higher than ever, and working with independent pros can be challenging. Being able to openly communicate across every party in the service experience can help save operational time and cost, and goes a long way towards giving an excellent service experience for your customers. 

Through the Dispatch platform, you can stay in touch with your pros, and they can easily communicate with your customers throughout the job. Take a look at the great messaging features you can get with Dispatch:

Enterprise Messaging

You may already be using our Manage enterprise app and Explore reporting to help manage your pros and understand the quality of the service they are delivering to your customers. We’ve recently added the ability to message your pros from directly inside the Manage platform.

For each job you’ve assigned to a pro, you can send and receive messages throughout the job lifecycle, giving you the ability to check-in, remediate customer complaints, and just understand the status of your jobs in a more holistic way.

Messaging can be accessed at the job-level. Now, when viewing individual job details, you’ll automatically see the messaging window on the left-hand side of the screen.

When you send messages to your pros, they get in-app and email notifications, and can use their Dispatch Work desktop app to see your messages and respond. All of the messaging around a single job will be included in the job details page throughout the job lifecycle, creating trackable communication between you and your pros.

Service Pro Messaging

One of the most powerful things about using Dispatch is giving your pros access to world-class field service management tools, helping them deliver excellent experiences for your customers in a transparent and trackable way. Just like our enterprise-facing app, our field service tools enable your pros to communicate effectively with you and your customers.

Our Communicate module has always allowed your pros to message with your customers throughout the job lifecycle. Pros can send messages through Dispatch, and customers can reply via email or SMS – whichever method they prefer. This makes it easy to stay in touch, which can reduce job scheduling and cycle time, and vastly improve the customer experience. Message history is saved at the customer-level, creating a valuable communication log that can further improve your relationship with your customers.

Now, we’ve beefed up our Communicate module to include inter-office messaging, streamlining communication between office and field staff so that they can easily communicate with one another within Dispatch. This kind of messaging keeps everyone up-to-date on what’s going on with a job, and encourages the usage of Dispatch for all your pros.

Customer Messaging

Delivering excellent customer experiences is at the core of what Dispatch does, and enabling them to easily communicate with your pros throughout the job is one of the key ways we do that.

As mentioned, it’s easy for your pros to send your customers omni-channel messages during a job, and it’s even easier for them to reply in whatever way is easiest for them.

As a matter of fact, when using our Communicate functionality, we’ve seen star ratings improve by over ¼ star per job. Being able to ask your pro questions, and answer simple requests ahead of time, makes delivering quick and efficient service easier than ever before.

All of these messaging features are available through Dispatch, and go a long way to reducing the time it takes to deliver greatly-improved customer service when a job needs to get done.

Reach out to your Dispatch account manager to learn more about these great messaging features.

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