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Dispatch Digest – Introducing Service Provider Profiles

Understanding the performance of your independent service providers, dealers, or franchise locations is one of the most critical and challenging parts of running your service business. Working with Dispatch gives you access to job and provider data that can help you tailor your network and ultimately improve customer satisfaction through better service experiences delivered by your highest-performing pros.

We are very excited to show off new functionality in our Manage enterprise platform – Service Provider Profiles – that will show you detailed performance metrics and trends for your pros, and enable you to make informed decisions about your service operations.

All of this data is available to both you and your pros, so you can reference Dispatch data when discussing performance with your pros in real time.

Schedule View

The new Schedule View allows you to see the schedule for your participating pros, enabling you to better identify pros that have availability that align with your customer’s job timing needs. You’ll be able to see their working hours, their booked hours, and their availability via white space on the calendar view.

Customizable Performance Report Card

 See performance trends and important metrics about your pros, including average time to accept, schedule and complete, as well as regional performance and customer satisfaction metrics.

Jobs by SLA Performance Report

This exportable report helps you understand how your pros are performing against your SLAs at a job-level. For each job, see if SLAs were adhered to, and quickly identify pros who are better or worse at hitting your SLAs.

Customer Ratings and Reviews

 Ultimately, the data Dispatch provides is about delivering a better customer experience and inspiring customer loyalty. By using Dispatch, you’re automatically prompting customers to leave feedback about their service experience.

The Ratings report gives you the ability to track overall customer satisfaction and the performance of individual pros.

Team Member Performance Report

Within your service provider partners, we can help you understand the performance of each individual technician or team member. This data can be invaluable in your performance conversations with your pros, identifying high-performing team members to emulate, and lower-performing ones that might need some extra attention.

A new level of performance reporting

Enjoy unparalleled insight into the performance of your service network with Dispatch Manage and Service Provider Profiles. 

This functionality is available now to all Manage and Explore users – reach out to your Dispatch account manager to learn more.

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