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Dispatch Digest - Meet Bill - Enterprise Billing and Invoicing

Introducing Bill!

Meet Bill – our newest enterprise module, helping brands reduce the friction of billing and invoicing their independent service providers.

One of the critical operational challenges faced by our enterprise customers is creating a consistent and repeatable invoicing process across their service provider network. Now, in Dispatch, you can create a transparent list of billable items with fixed costs and descriptions, allowing your service providers to create consistent invoices for their work. You can even set different values on your billing items for different types of service providers.

This new feature is designed to make it even easier for brands like yours to work with independent service providers, minimizing the time and effort involved with paying your network for their hard work. In turn, your end customer doesn’t need to wait around for estimates and invoicing approval, further reducing your job cycle time and improving customer satisfaction.

With the Bill module, you can:

  • Create a ‘menu’ of billing items with set costs and value, allowing your service providers to create consistent and transparent invoices
  • Send itemized estimates along with job offers, or create and approve invoices before completion of a job
  • Receive and approve invoices directly inside your existing enterprise system of record

How will this impact your business?

  • Reduce key operational metrics like time to review and approve invoices, reducing overall job cycle time
  • Streamline the payment process for the end customer, increasing customer satisfaction

The Bill module can be used via your existing enterprise system integration, and will soon be available to users of our Manage platform. Service providers can send invoices and receive payments directly inside of the Dispatch Work FSM tool.

Even if you have an existing billing and invoicing system you are satisfied with, you can now embed that process directly into the Dispatch app, giving you another way to flexibly integrate your existing processes inside the Dispatch workflow.

If you’d like to learn more, reach out to your Dispatch customer success manager, or shoot us an email at support@dispatch.me.



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