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Welcome to the Dispatch Product Highlight page! Each month, we pick three current or near-term Dispatch platform features and go into a bit of detail about how they can help your business.

If you want to learn more about any of these features, please contact your account manager or support@dispatch.me

January 2020

SLA Tracker

Dispatch offers a variety of ways to help you better understand the quality of service your service providers are delivering to your customers. One great way to do this is to set Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with your network, helping them understand your expectations.


Manage – the Dispatch Enterprise Platform – has a great tool that we call the SLA Tracker, which helps you better understand which jobs are at risk of extending beyond your SLA, so you can work with your service provider to take action.

The SLA tracker is available now for all customers with Manage access. Speak to your account manager to learn more.

Service Areas

One of our product goals in the new year is to further build out how we help you select which service provider is the right one for each job. One of the most essential criteria in choosing the right provider is where that provider prefers to do work.

With this goal in mind, we now allow service providers to identify service areas where they complete work. These can be used to segment their work by geography or to report on where they’re receiving jobs.

Service Areas

Soon you’ll be able to ask Dispatch “which of my service providers covers this address?” to help you match jobs to providers.

This is just the first step in matching jobs to service providers, and we’ll be coming out with more intelligent algorithms soon. Look out for this new feature in Q2 2020.

Team Chat

Messaging between your service providers and your customers is one of the most valuable aspects of the Dispatch platform. We make the promise to open the lines of communication between all of the parties of your service experience, and our Communicate product is what achieves that.

In 2020, we are building out the messaging functionality of our platform to enable technicians at your service providers to join in on the communication already happening between their customers and their dispatchers.

dispatch chat

Introducing another party to the messaging equation will help significantly reduce call volume across your entire network – no more phone tag between customers, technicians, and dispatchers. Ultimately, this means lower costs, and a better, more streamlined experience for your customers.

This enhancement to our Communicate module will be available to all users in Q1.

November 2019

Updated Schedule Page with Location Tracking

The Schedule page is the home base for many of our users. Now, it’s twice as fast as before! We also added Technician Profiles, allowing your providers to view information like technician working hours and notes right from the Schedule view.

Track my Tech

Our new Schedule page also adds the ability to watch technicians travel on the map without refreshing the page. With this new feature, your providers can improve their routing and assignment with real-time insight into which technician is closest to each job, or simply track how technicians are progressing throughout their day, leading to increased efficiency across the board.

Technician Travel Reporting

In addition, to live location tracking, your providers can now see detailed historic travel reporting. The Dispatch platform records a lot of very useful location data, and with this new report, your providers can see records of their technician’s trips.

Up until now, your providers needed to take advantage of third-party tools to track mileage, or generally keep their fingers on the pulse of where their technicians go throughout the day. Now, Dispatch is the tech travel source of truth. This is just another way Dispatch provides complete visibility into the service experience.

You can read more on our support page for this new feature, which is part of our Power package upgrade.

Appointment Functions

Sometimes, different jobs call for different skill sets or responsibilities. For a complex job, having predefined functions can be a helpful organization tool, increasing efficiency and just making everyone’s life a little easier.

Soon, your providers will be able to set individual functions at an appointment level, creating clear-cut responsibilities for their techs and making sure the job gets done right.

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