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Dispatch Welcomes Seema Kumar as New Board Member to Accelerate Growth Strategy

Seema Kumar

Dispatch is thrilled to announce the addition of Seema Kumar to its board of directors, a significant step towards advancing the company’s commitment to revolutionizing field service operations and end-customer experiences via the Dispatch and Youreka products. With her distinguished background and expertise, Seema is poised to play a pivotal role in guiding Dispatch and Youreka on their journey of growth and enterprise expansion.

As the Chief Operating Officer at Secureframe, Seema Kumar orchestrated remarkable achievements, including an impressive 4X revenue growth and a 3X increase in headcount. Her prior leadership as the CMO at New Relic and ServiceChannel showcases her prowess in driving transformations within global marketing, sales development, and customer success. Notably, Seema’s deep-rooted understanding of the Salesforce ecosystem and her contribution to rebranding initiatives and the PLG motion further demonstrate her strategic acumen.

Seema Kumar’s appointment as a board member is a testament to her exceptional operational SaaS experience, scaling expertise, and domain knowledge in the field service management and service provider channels. Her insights will play a vital role in shaping the Dispatch/Youreka strategy and GTM refactor, and she will advise Dispatch CEO Pat Burns on key decisions.

“Seema’s multifaceted expertise aligns seamlessly with our vision,” states Burns. “Her guidance will propel our mission to bridge the gap between enterprises and third-party contractors, offering a unified customer experience that is both efficient and customer-centric.”

Seema’s deep-rooted connections in the Salesforce ecosystem make her a valuable asset for both Dispatch and Youreka. “We’re taking our approach to a new level, enabling seamless interactions across various touchpoints,” Seema notes. “My role is to help guide an exceptional team, crafting innovative solutions that amplify customer engagement and satisfaction.”

As industries that rely heavily on field services evolve, Dispatch remains at the forefront, continually innovating to align with changing demands. Seema’s vision resonates with the company’s commitment to excellence in service delivery and customer experiences. With her guidance, Dispatch is poised to accelerate its growth trajectory, expand enterprise opportunities, and drive higher levels of integration and collaboration with Salesforce systems.

Dispatch and Youreka are proud to welcome Seema Kumar as a distinguished leader who will not only shape the future of the company but also drive its journey towards becoming a hallmark of seamless service experiences.


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