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Webinar in 3: Do You Have Complete Visibility Into Your Dealer Network?

In the original equipment manufacturing (OEM) space, almost every OEM brand lacks visibility into the performance of their dealer network who install and repair their equipment. It’s because the underlying nature of a 3rd-party network is disconnected and complex.

In this Dispatch Webinar in 3, we’re diving into the three questions that will reveal if you have full-visibility into your dealer network or not.

Do you know the real-time status of your jobs?

If you don’t know the status of your jobs, how can you triage negative experiences, help customers know when something is delayed or on-time, or know if something needs to be rescheduled or not? Not having this insight is only providing you with a little view of how well your dealer network is representing your brand.

Is your dealer network selling your product or your competitor’s product?

Say you’re an HVAC manufacturer and your customer connects with a local dealer from your website to service their broken air conditioner. Without a real-time connection between you and your 3rd-party dealer network, you’ll never know if your dealer network is selling your product or your competitor’s product?

Are my marketing dollars being well-spent?

Do you know if the traffic your marketing team is driving to your website is converting on your dealer page or not? Can you follow a site visitor all the way through job completion? If you aren’t digitally connected to your dealer network, then you won’t know if that site visitor set up an appointment, installed one of your devices, and is happy. Instead, you rely on your dealer network to status the job on their own terms – which isn’t timely or accurate.

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