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Enhance your customer experience with Dispatch

Here at Dispatch, we know that creating engaged customers starts with excellent service-level communication. That’s why we now offer In-App Customer-Technician Messaging & Job Summaries

In-App Customer-Technician Messaging:

This new feature allows your organization to bridge the communication gap between your technicians/dealers and your customers.  Your technicians can communicate directly with the customer before and during the service appointment. Whether the client’s availability has changed or the service pro is having trouble finding the right entrance, in-app messaging takes the guesswork out of service/installation appointments. The best part is you can see the message exchange between your customer and technicians to get unparalleled visibility into the experience of your end-customers.  

Job Summaries:

In addition, we’ve added Job Summaries to our platform. Job Summaries allow you to provide an exit summary of the service experience to your customers. Technicians can provide a brief summary of the work done on your behalf and include photos to send to the customer. This makes it easy for the customer to keep records of the work done in their home and is another way to elevate the customer experience.


Dispatch also offers uber-like on my way notifications and appointment reminders for a smooth appointment. What does that mean for your business? You can increase first-time fix rates, improve customer satisfaction and churn, and save money

Wondering how to take advantage of these new features? Speak to a member of our team


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