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Flo by Moen & Dispatch Case Study

Gain Visibility and Increase NPS - Flo by Moen & Dispatch Case Study Image

Flo by Moen and Dispatch Case Study graphic image that describes how Dispatch helped Flo by Moen optimize their service operations and build loyalty with their contracts and customers

By using Dispatch, Flo was able to engage their contractors, optimize their service operations, open up transparent messaging across all parties in the service experience, and provide loyalty-inspiring experiences to their customers.

“We needed to be able to connect the homeowner to the contractor and to have visibility into the job. We needed to be able to communicate with the contractor and see their activity, and then to follow up with them and find out about what happened with each job.

We found Dispatch and it’s allowed us to bring a great experience to our customers and our installers. It’s allowed us to build a great relationship with them, and to get feedback from our customers that our installers are doing what they should be doing – giving great service.”

With Dispatch, Flo by Moen was able to:

  • Reduce service call volume
  • Reduce time spent on operational tasks
  • Reduce job cycle time
  • Increase customer NPS and CSAT

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