Habits of Highly Effective Contractors

The 5 Habits of Highly-effective Contractors

Deliver consistently excellent service experiences across all of your independent contractors with this handy guide

We looked at the different behaviors independent service providers take using the Dispatch Field Service Management toolset, and saw how it impacted customer satisfaction.

With a few simple adjustments to your service experience, you can raise your customer satisfaction scores by 30%.

The world of service has changed. Savvy brands are relying more on independent contractors to do work on their behalf.

Understanding what matters to your customers is crucial to getting the most out of your service provider network. Here’s what we found is most important to your end-customers:

Here’s how you can achieve an increase in customer satisfaction scores up to 30%:

Provide contractor photo and bio +5%

Customers want to know who is coming to their home or business. By providing a simple photo and bio before the appointment you can increase satisfaction by 5%. 

Replace calls with automated messages +7%

There are many regular touchpoints throughout the service experience – scheduling, on-my-way, feedback requests. By automating these messages you increase satisfaction by 7%.

Provide in-app messaging +5%

Customers who have one consistent place for messaging throughout the service experience. By providing in-app messaging you can increase satisfaction by 5%.

Invoice and accept payments on the job +3

Invoicing and accepting payments before the first appointment is over can reduce the effort and strain on customers during the service experience. By creative invoices and accepting payments on-site you can increase satisfaction by 3%.

Elicit feedback +15%

Customers want to feel heard. They want to sing the praises of a good experience and provide constructive feedback on a negative one. By automatically requesting feedback you can increase satisfaction by 15%.

With over 40,000+ service providers using the Dispatch solution and 60M jobs completed and counting, we have discovered key habits that enable your independent contractors to be successful.