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Webinar in 3: How Dispatch Centralizes a Disparate Franchise Network

Most service franchises at one point face the same challenge – they lack the ability to quickly measure the performance of their locations and service providers. It’s not because they don’t know how to, rather they don’t have the tools in place to successfully centralize their disparate network of franchisees so. In this Dispatch Webinar in 3, we dive into the three trends that service franchises are doing to overcome visibility challenges and centralize their network.

If watching a quick three-minute video isn’t your thing, here are the three trends:

They use technology to connects their franchisees to the franchisor

Rather than letting your franchisees use whatever software they want to manage their work, help guide them into adopting one singular platform. I know this sounds simple, but it’s powerful. So ask yourself, what system are you using to connect all your locations together?

They provide a mobile app for their location’s service providers

Service companies face more challenges than a typical franchise. Unlike McDonalds where everything takes place within the building, service franchises have to measure and be aware of everything that is happening as service providers go to homes and service homeowners. Successful service franchises adopt mobile apps to help status jobs and deliver better customer experiences. Why is this good? It centralizes all of your service providers who are out in the field.

They receive automatic status updates

No matter what, the franchises that centralize their network create real-time connections between everyone so that performance data flows smoothly from the customer to service provider, to franchisee, to franchisor. By reimagining field service from the ground up, and investing in a platform that provides continual transparency between franchisor, franchisee, and the customer, your home service franchise can improve customer experiences while preventing customer churn.


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