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Adoption & Implementation: An Interview with Dispatch's Engagement Team

The biggest part of any software purchasing process is the implementation and for companies that use third-party contractors getting them to adopt your software is critical. While software adoption may be glossed over by other software companies, at Dispatch we have a dedicated engagement team solely focused on making sure your network of providers has the tools and resources it needs to get the most out of our software. 

We sat down with Erin Meade, Sr. Manager, Customer Enablement & Communication in Customer Success, and talked about how she and her team work with enterprises to help them ace software adoption with their network. 

When does your team usually step and start working with our enterprises? 

My team likes to be a presence at the start of the partnership, so we can build a strong understanding of their business model and the day-to-day needs of their network.

As the project moves beyond the discovery phase, we work with the change leads at the enterprise to strategize and identify launch leadup activities based on our best practices and the dynamics of the specific network.

We work collaboratively with our enterprise counterparts to execute launch leadup activities as the project advances towards the testing and launch period. 

How does your team partner with our customers to make their implementation successful? 

We’re going to learn as much as possible about the enterprise’s business model but at the same time we need to be working closely with people at the company that are going to be working day to day with the third-party contractors. Sometimes that’s a contractor relations team, claim assignment team, franchise coaching team, and/or enterprise training teams.

The collaboration with the team who has the most contact with the provider network is critical as they’re an advocate for the contractors they work with and a coach for the Dispatch solution. They also provide a lot of great feedback, which can inform our training approach and support the best possible experience for service providers.

What kind of training do you provide to contractors to help them adopt Dispatch? 

We take a multifaceted approach which includes live webinar training, written guides, access to our online library of brief video tutorials, and in-application walkthrough guides. Our webinars are always recorded and shared with the group for wide distribution and reference. 

How are you able to convince third-party contractors to use Dispatch? 

The Dispatch platform is incredibly flexible, so the use-case for contractors varies and there is no “one-size fits all” approach to adoption. We learn about the specific needs of the contractor network involved and tailor our approach to emphasize the benefits for them.

Why is contractor engagement important? 

The more engaged a contractor is with Dispatch, the more visibility the enterprise has into the work being done on their behalf, and the better informed the customer is throughout the service lifecycle. The customer receiving the service gets a modern, communicative experience. Customers tend to be the most vocal when their experience surpasses or falls short of their expectations. Informed customers tend to be happier customers, who will talk about that and leave positive reviews online. A consistent, communicative experience fosters repeat business for the enterprise and contractors.

How Is Dispatch’s engagement team unique?

At Dispatch we have a dedicated engagement team to solely focus on making sure an enterprise’s network of providers has the tools and resources to get started. We also make sure we’re constantly monitoring engagement data and use that data to inform our strategy. 

Adoption takes time, so we work closely with the initial launch group and regularly collect feedback from those users. We use qualitative and quantitative data to inform action and collaborate with the enterprise to nurture their network accordingly.

What feedback do you usually get from third-party contractors once they adopt Dispatch? 

Dispatch is intuitive and user friendly. Contractors say that their customers love getting the “on my way” notification and seeing the tech’s photo before they arrive. Contractors also love the map schedule because it helps them plan the most efficient routes for their service techs. 

Recently, I hosted a focus group of contractors that had never used Dispatch before. I showed them the basics, then gave them a list of tasks to complete in Dispatch independently. Several people said that Dispatch would significantly reduce onboarding time for new admins, from months to days.

What’s usually your biggest hurdle to successful contractor adoption? 

Our biggest hurdle is that sometimes providers are resistant to using a new tool. We know that people have varying comfort levels with technology, so we have different options in place to meet people where they are. For example, we offer consolidated updating for people who aren’t going to adopt fully; they’re able to provide updates without being fully immersed in the tool.

Change isn’t easy, there’s a reason why there are multiple industries dedicated to helping people navigate through change. 

My team focuses on learning the jargon and culture of the specific contractor network, so that we can act as translators. In my experience, once a contractor attends a training, they see how easy Dispatch is to use and that apprehension shifts to excitement.


Looking for a tool to transform your operations and provide hard to get visibility into the performance of your service providers? Contact one of our team members today. 

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