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The Annoying Home Inspection: Simplifying the Tedious Back and Forth

Finally! After 4 months of searching, 3 weeks of open houses, 2 offers rejected, and 1 bogus deal, a seller has finally accepted your offer. Additionally, you also received an offer on your own house, something you’ve been waiting for as well.

As you start the home inspection process, your realtor recommends someone to use…

“They’re the best in the area. I’ve worked with them in the past and it was a piece of cake. Here’s their number…”

So you (the buyer) calls the inspector and schedules an appointment. After a little small talk about last night’s Red Sox game, you settle on a day and time that works for the both of you.

Inspection date: June 22 at 1 pm. Put it on your calendar! Wait…well, not quite yet.

That’s half the process. You have to call your realtor to let them know of the inspection date. They then call the seller’s realtor to see if that date and time works for the seller. This is where you cross your fingers and hope that everyone’s schedule aligns. If they don’t, the entire process needs to be repeated.

This Process Has to End

This back-and-forth isn’t any way to run a company because it simply leaves too many opportunities for messages to fall through the cracks – plus it’s painfully tedious. We built Dispatch with the sole focus on improving two things: the customer experience and the communication between multiple, disparate parties.

Let me show you how…

Dispatch: Surprisingly easy and very impactful

The inspection process with Dispatch is shockingly simple. When the buyer and seller are ready to proceed with the inspection the buyer calls the inspector to schedule an appointment. When the buyer and inspector agree on a date and time, a text message and email goes out to the seller to schedule the inspection at a time that works well for them. Once the appointment is scheduled, calendar invites get immediately sent to the buyer, seller, and both realtors – everyone’s on the same page and communication flows perfectly.

This digital shift turned a 4-5 step experience into a simple 2-3 step process. The old way of working with a home inspector was not ideal – it had way too much back-and-forth. Turning the traditional method into a digital method allows for inspectors to be more accurate and faster with their communication. It allows them to keep both the seller and the buyer informed so the seller doesn’t have to wonder when to leave and return home during the day of their inspection.

Positive things happen with digital experiences

The NPS of the realtor will quickly increase because the process is easier for everyone.

The seller’s happiness will increase because by having a digital connection between them, the buyer, and the inspector, they’ll have greater insight into when to leave their home and when to return on the day of the inspection.

Buyer satisfaction increases because they only need to make one call.

All-in-all, companies that transform their existing customer experience into a digital stack like Dispatch will see improvements in NPS, scheduling time, reduced phone calls and more on-time arrivals.

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