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Unlocking Success: The Power of Total Experience in Transforming Customer, User, and Employee Engagement

What is Total Experience? 

Total Experience is a business concept that suggests that companies can benefit from taking a holistic view of Customer Experience, User Experience, Employee Experience, and Multiexperience instead of focusing on each area independently. 

Customer Experience: Customer experience (CX) refers to the overall perception and interaction that a customer has with a company or brand throughout their entire journey, from initial awareness and engagement to post-purchase support. It encompasses every touchpoint a customer has with a business, including online interactions, in-store experiences, customer service interactions, product quality, and more. 

User Experience: UX refers to how people interact with a product, system, or service. For example, buying a product online. Is it easy to find the product you are looking for and check out or is there a lot of friction? That’s UX. UX is important because a bad user experience can deter people from purchasing or engaging with your product. 

Employee Experience: Employee experience is about more than company culture and benefits. It’s about the experience you’re creating for your employees. An often forgotten part of employee experience is making sure they have the right tools to provide exceptional experiences to your customer. Do you give your employees tools and technology that make working with customers easier or are the tools and technology clunky and difficult to use? 

Multiexperience: Multiexperience encompasses a user’s complete interaction with a single application across diverse digital platforms, such as websites, mobile apps, chatbots, augmented reality/virtual reality, and wearables. This involves utilizing different modes of interaction like touch, voice, vision, and motion. The aim is to ensure a smooth and uniform user experience throughout their journey.

Instead of strategizing on each of these concepts in silos, total experience suggests that it would be more effective and efficient to consider them all together. Large companies have seen success with total experience and are able to maintain a advantage over competitors by improving the overall experience with their brand. 

Why is Total Experience Important? 

Investing in total experience gives organizations the opportunity to increase revenue, retain customers and employees, improve employee engagement and satisfaction, and maintain a competitive advantage. 

Customer experience continues to be a strong expectation for consumers. According to HubSpot, 68% of consumers say they are willing to pay more for products and services from a brand known to offer good customer service experiences. That combined with global talent shortages being at an all time high, it’s no surprise that companies are considering how to tackle these challenges holistically with a unified approach. According to Gartner, By 2024, organizations providing a total experience will outperform competitors by 25% in satisfaction metrics for both CX and EX. 

Most companies already understand the importance of these concepts individually and understand how they impact key metrics like revenue and customer churn. However, companies are just realizing the impact they create looking at these concepts holistically. Creating one unified experience for the customer and thinking of all of the touch points a customer has with your brand is more valuable than having conflicting experiences across different parts of the customer’s journey. 

How Dispatch Can Help with Total Experience 

Our solution was created to solve the problem of disjointed customer experiences. You can’t think strategically about the customer journey when you don’t have visibility into parts of the experience. We help customers get much needed visibility into the customer experience while also providing a better experience for their employees and third-party contractors. 

Customer experience: With features such as on my way notification, in-app customer to technician messaging, and automated scheduling, Dispatch improves the service experience for the customer.

Employee experience: Dispatch automates expensive manual processes and frees up your employees to work on the things that matter most to the business. We reduce the amount of touchpoints your employees have with customers and third-party contractors by automating and simplifying processes like scheduling a service appointment. 

User Experience: Dispatch creates a simple and effective user experience for both customers and your third-party contractors. 

Multiexperience: Our software allows companies to provide a more technologically forward experience to their customers and third-party contractors. With use of the Dispatch app, customers now have an additional way to engage with your organization and manage their service experience. 

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, delivering exceptional experiences has become paramount for businesses striving to stay ahead. Total Experience has emerged as the key to transforming engagement across the board. By embracing this holistic perspective, companies can cultivate enduring customer loyalty, enhance employee satisfaction, and ultimately, achieve sustainable growth. 

At Dispatch, we recognize the transformative power of Total Experience, and our innovative solution is tailored to bridge the gaps in disjointed customer interactions. By leveraging Dispatch, businesses can seamlessly integrate their touchpoints, ensuring a unified, streamlined, and technologically advanced experience for customers, employees, and third-party contractors alike. Embracing Total Experience isn’t just a strategic choice; it’s the pathway establishing a lasting impact in the competitive landscape. 


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