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Webinar in 3: To build or to buy, that is the question


What you’ll learn in 3-minutes

For this webinar in 3, we’re discussing if it makes more sense to build enterprise software or to buy enterprise software from a third-party vendor. As a refresher:

To build means to create the software from scratch. Doing this requires a team of software engineers, a product person, testers, a budget considering total cost of ownership, diligent roadmap planning, and a whole lot of time set aside to maintain the software post-deployment.

To Buy means you will work with a vendor that has already built the software you need. They thought of all the nuances, squashed the bugs, are constantly looking for ways to improve their product and have dedicated support to make the client happy. 

While both these options are good, deciding to buy vs. build comes with its own set of pros and cons. Tune into the 3-minute webinar (yes, just 3-minutes) to learn how you should approach this dilemma and what looming questions you can ask yourself in order to make an educated decision.


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