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Dispatch Digest – Mobile App Enhancements

Mobile App enhancements to get you more job status

We know that you want more control over the service experience your pros are giving your customers every day, and we know how it can be difficult for some pros to adopt the more technical solutions that enable that control. 

We are excited to review some great new enhancements to our mobile applications that will help make it as easy as possible for your pros to provide you with job or lead status, and to give your customers a modern and jolly home service experience.

Mobile Workflows

You can set up required steps that are automatically triggered depending on the status of your jobs. Want to require notes or photos, or get custom form info for every job? Now you can automatically request this information from your pros, and communicate that great information back into Manage or into your own systems via integration.

Mobile Workflows are a great and unique way to gain a bit of control over the experience your pros are giving to your customers, and another way to collect valuable service intelligence data that would not otherwise be available.

Take a look at a quick video we put together to show off how mobile workflows could work for you.

Status by Geo-Location

Status by Geo-Location

Providing you with the status of your jobs is one of the things Dispatch is best at. In order to do this more efficiently, we can now automatically prompt the collection of job status based on where your pro physically is. For example, we can prompt the ‘appointment started’ status when your pro gets to your customer’s house.

Sometimes it can be an extra step for pros to provide job status. Making it as easy as possible for them to do this is a constant goal for Dispatch, and Status by Geo-Location will help provide comprehensive job status data.



Mobile Agendas

Mobile Agendas

Now we can feature a technician’s specific agenda on the home page of their mobile app, allowing them to see their appointments for the day at-a-glance, without hunting around or asking their office representatives, streamlining their day and helping them focus on the task at hand.

Mobile Agendas make it effortless for your pros to see their schedules, and focus on the day in front of them, without the noise.

These mobile app enhancements will be available to all customers in 2022. Reach out to your Dispatch account manager to learn more.

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