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It’s 10pm, do you know where your leads are?

The world of sales is data-driven and the question of how to track leads become more popular. Modern sales rep has access to data that helps them sell more efficiently than ever. However, without attribution and conversion data, you’ll only get so far.

Dispatch Lead Conversion Reporting helps you and your distributors close more leads

As a manufacturer, you are driving leads to your dealers. Your distributors are just as invested in helping convert them as you are. This ecosystem is the critical backbone of your sales channels. When the time comes to understand lead conversion rate or the effectiveness of your marketing spend, working with independent distributors and dealers can be a challenge.

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What happened to this lead?

We hear this question constantly. Each lead that comes in through your website represents not only potential revenue, but also valuable and actionable data. 

It’s about the effectiveness of your marketing spend, the performance of your dealers/distributors, and the satisfaction of your end customers.

However, the separation between all of these parties means it can be difficult or impossible to actually understand what happened to each lead you send out. Was it accepted? Did a sale occur? Is the dealer performance up to your standards? Did you build loyalty with your customers?

The Dispatch Platform answers these questions. Manufacturers who have implemented Dispatch and worked with us to engage their dealers are able to see what is happening to every lead coming through their website. As a matter of fact, our customers have found that dealers who use Dispatch are 50% more likely to status leads than dealers outside of the Dispatch ecosystem.

Dispatch Lead Conversion Reporting

Lead Conversion Report by Dispatch to guide you on how to track leads

Further building on this use case, we have just rolled out the Dispatch Lead Conversion Report, which gives you dealer-level and lead-level visibility into how to track leads through:

  • Lead conversion rate
  • Lead status and final outcome
  • Dealer geographical coverage
  • Close rate by dealer
  • Lead win/loss reason
  • Dealer decline/cancel reason

Tracking this lead data over time can help you and your distributors make more informed decisions about the performance of each dealer. This will allow you to cultivate the perfect network of dealers that represent your brand, leading to higher lead conversion rates and more revenue.

This, of course, is only made possible by using Dispatch, which connects you with your distributors, dealers, and end customers on one unifying platform.

Empower your Distributors

Making this data available to your distributors will allow them to identify high performing dealers who effectively convert leads in a quick and transparent manner. It will also help them work with lower-performing dealers to improve their ability to sell and close.

This powerful new lead reporting is part of our Explore reporting suite inside our Manage platform. It is  available to manufacturers who want to close more leads and gain visibility into their business.

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