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Manage Your Leads With Dispatch

Great news—you can now manage your leads in Dispatch! Before your jobs become jobs, they’re leads. When you create a job in Dispatch, you need relevant customer data such as address, type of services they’re receiving, etc. That information is likely already available to you. But what about people who engage with your organization who aren’t yet customers? When a lead comes through your website you may not have all of those details yet. With the new lead management functionality you can create a lead without the additional required information needed when creating a job.

Using similar steps to create a job in Dispatch, you can now create a lead. No need to put in placeholder data to document and track leads any longer. Once the lead is created, you can filter by lead source, lead status, or by the Dispatcher assigned to that lead.

The different lead statuses available are new, assigned, contacted, in progress, won, and lost. When a lead is won, information such as the customer, source, title, description, location, and quotes gets carried over into a job. No need to retype the customer’s relevant data again.

You can also add additional details about the lead, such as descriptions and notes and you can also notate why a lead was lost, if it doesn’t work out. This new functionality will allow Dispatch to serve as a more end to end solution for your job management from lead to completed job.

If you have any questions about this new functionality, please contact the customer success team.

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