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Smart Home Trends are Key to Modernizing Home Services

Here at Dispatch, we were thrilled to recently be recognized by Inc. 5000 as being in the top 10% of the fastest-growing companies in America. There are a lot of reasons behind this growth — including some of the best talent in the country. But we also believe we are at the forefront of a wave of ‘smart home services’ that will continue to make us even more essential to the world’s most iconic and innovative brands. 

Services now rule the world

As The Atlantic proclaimed in early 2019, ‘services are the new steel.’ Brands are waking up to a new economy where:

  • Products are commodities; the real prizes are the recurring revenue and deeper relationships that come with providing an extraordinary customer experience.
  • It’s Do It for Me, not DIY: customers increasingly value their time — opting to turn to experts instead of doing it themselves.
  • The ‘Smart Home’ is creating service needs: much has been written about the rapid rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), but an under-reported phenomenon is the service gap it has highlighted.

Connecting devices to the Web creates new data, which in turn opens up a new world of service possibilities. It’s great for a brand to know a dishwasher is malfunctioning in real time, but what can they do about it? When brands ‘go digital,’ they need to be ready with a real-life solution. 

Enterprises face real challenges

In this new economy, there will be winners and losers. Some brands — despite recognizing the enormous opportunity in services — opt to back down due to the seemingly enormous challenge of building a service network and delivering a customer experience worthy of their brand.

And the service provider network — being increasingly independent and short on skilled talent — doesn’t make it any easier. 

With service trends accelerating and significant market share at stake, however, brands are going to have to find a way forward.

Dispatch was built for this…

While most field service offerings focus on the service providers themselves or on enterprises with a sizeable w2 field workforce, Dispatch was built specifically for the modern enterprise looking to win in Services — and to do so with a flexible and nimble service provider network.

Dispatch is the leader in ‘smart home services’ for this reason. Our brand partners — across verticals like Manufacturing, Retail, and Home & Property Services — are not only delivering a consistent service experience, they are delivering a superior one — powered by new analytics, location tracking, and modern communication from Dispatch’s platform.

Dispatch is built for brands to recruit, onboard, manage, and optimize service provider networks

Our unifying platform connects your enterprise, the service provider, and the end customer — creating a data-driven and seamless service experience. This includes matching the right service provider to the job (in real time) and offering seamless scheduling and fulfillment. 

In theory, software-as-a-service providers envision their offering as plug and play. In the home services world, however, we know that close engagement and support are critical to field adoption. Dispatch is one of the only players in the space that assigns dedicated engagement teams to each brand partners, so that we know it gets done the right way. 

Get in on the fun! Sign up for a demo to see what Dispatch’s smart home services can do for your brand.

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