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5 Tips for Handling Negative Customer Reviews 2022

Five Tips for Handling Negative Customer Reviews

Learn the tips for handling negative customer reviews 2022. Negative customer reviews can make any service-oriented brand sweat. Handle them wrong and you might find your business going viral—in a bad way.  That kind of discord can have a serious impact on your brand reputation, not to mention your bottom line. HubSpot reporting on customer […]

Afraid to Go Mobile? 5 Franchises That Are Winning Big with Mobile Apps

A homeowner summons a ride into the city with just a couple clicks, orders her groceries on the way, and has coolers full of fresh food waiting at the door when she’s dropped off at home again. That night, she orders a pizza from a popular franchise and watches with anticipation on her phone as […]

How Home Service Franchises are Delivering a Better Last-Mile Customer Experience

All home service franchises want to ensure superior customer experiences (CX). It’s the ultimate goal. It’s what they strive for. However, achieving superior customer experience comes down to the “last mile” – the time period between when the technician leaves for the appointment and the moment the job is complete. How you finish and whether […]

Home Service Revolution: How Technology Enables Maximum Output From Service Pros

Home Service Revolution: How Technology Enables Maximum Output From Service Pros

Analysts agree that more enterprises are relying on third-party contractors to complete work on their behalf. It’s a trend that isn’t going away. The challenge is that 3rd-party service pros can’t be managed directly, aren’t typically set to a regular schedule, and are sometimes seen as a temporary resource to fill service gaps around dedicated […]

What Does it Mean to be a Customer-Centric OEM?

What Does it Mean to be a Customer-Centric OEM?

Customer experience (CX) is the buzzword that doesn’t seem to go away. It all started when companies like Apple, Amazon, Costco, Dollar Shave Club, Trader Joe’s, Safelite Autoglass, you name it, gained traction in the market. These companies didn’t have different business models and they didn’t have different organizational structures; they just had different mindsets. […]

The Intersection of Customer Experience and Field Service

Where Customer Experience Meets Field Service telco

As long as we can remember, customer experience in the telco, cable, and PayTV space has been unbearably unpleasant. After scheduling a job, homeowners are left in the dark, wondering what is happening, if the technician will arrive on time, and who will be showing up. This is an issue… When customers are informed about […]

It’s Time The Home Service Industry Gets a Customer Experience Makeover

Dispatch is Where Customer Experience Meets Field Service” - HEADER

Customers today have become more demanding, or empowered, or a combination of the two–but one thing is certain: they expect a lot more from companies. Even when completing low priority tasks like ordering food, or searching for a movie, customers want zero problems and total transparency. Most industries have adjusted to these expectations by offering […]

Delivering on Quality Standards in the Home Service Industry

Delivering on Quality Standards in the Home Service Industry

I recently attended my first International Franchise Association show in Phoenix and the one question I heard repeatedly from home service franchisors was: “How can we ensure that our franchisees are delivering our brand and quality standards on every single appointment?” Here are some answers:   Training Helps Training is clearly one of the core […]