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The New Way to Win Loyalty for HVAC Manufacturers

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Winning lifetime customers starts and ends with your dealer network. Read more on how to win loyalty with HVAC manufacturers.

The HVAC industry is growing quickly, with HVAC projected to register a compound annual growth rate of 6.1%  from 2020 to 2027. The ability to not only grow your base but to also maintain the loyalty of your customers and dealers is now more important than ever.

There are many moving pieces included within the HVAC service and installation process. This can be difficult to keep track of everything involved.

Dealers may decide to recommend other HVAC brands. Customers may decide to purchase a different HVAC brand when their current system fails. 

Incentivizing customers and dealers to use your products creates loyalty within these parties and helps guarantee that your products will be used. According to  Nu Comfort “simply increasing your customer retention rates by 5% can raise your profits by anywhere from 25% to 95%.” While customer retention rates are important, retaining customers starts with retaining the best dealers to service and sell to them.

What is happening to your leads?

Imagine a scenario where a customer calls in for repair on their Air Conditioning system and has a negative experience with your dealer. Not only does that reflect poorly on the customer. It also reflects negatively on your brand. Good customer service is vital to maintaining the loyalty of your customers. Although due to the lack of visibility into what happens after you send your leads, it can be difficult to know what is happening.

HVAC Informed talks about how associations within the HVAC industry are concerned with local governments potentially stopping HVAC inspections. This could open the way for unqualified and unlicensed installers to take advantage of consumers during the crisis. With many areas in America limiting HVAC inspections, some of these concerns have come to light.

It only takes one bad visit to lose a customer.

Finally, if your dealer isn’t recommending your brand as a replacement, you’re losing out on the most important aspect of how to win loyalty with HVAC manufacturers. A lack of visibility can harm your brand reputation. Visibility is an important direct impact on your bottom line.

Dealer Loyalty is Customer Loyalty

Understanding how important service is to driving customer loyalty. As well as seeing all the different ways your limited touchpoints with your customers can go wrong. All means it’s more critical than ever to understand what’s happening to your leads.

HVAC manufacturers need to take advantage of the tools at their disposal. Having something that can give you more insight and visibility into your process is imperative. However, it needs to work for your dealers if you want it to work for you.

Dispatch provides the connection between you, your dealers, and your customers. Dispatch helps by giving you more visibility and enabling better customer experiences.

Start incentivizing your dealers to provide better service and recommend your brand every time.

Dispatch connects every party of the service experience to give companies the tools and information needed to keep their customers happy.

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