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What a Millennial Wants: Serving the New Homeowner

What a Millennial Wants: Serving the New Homeowner

Something extraordinary is taking shape in the home services industry right now, and most people have no idea. Millennials–long considered averse to home ownership–are slowly starting to buy homes, and are bringing with them an entirely new set of home service expectations not seen before. Though they own fewer homes compared to older age groups, […]

A Service Model Pivot: From Selling A Product To Selling An Experience

Are the kids dressed for school? Check. Are their lunches made? Check. Ready for the big work presentation? Check. Great–off we go, just lock the door and-oops, lock the door and- wait, why won’t this work? And that’s when it happens: something breaks, at the worst possible moment, and there’s nothing you can do to […]

Applying Technology Innovation To Real-World Service Problems

Applying Technology Innovation To Real World Service Problems

There are universal truths to life: No matter how much we curse in traffic jams, they won’t get any faster. Triangle sandwiches always taste better than square ones. Nothing is more satisfying than being the first person to dip into a new peanut butter jar. Everyone at some point in life will be frustrated waiting […]

What does it mean to have actionable service data?

Actionable Data

Brendan is the COO of a large OEM that has been in business for three decades. From its early days, the company has embodied a culture of diligent written documentation to help understand how happy their customers are. Every task that has ever been done at Brendan’s company comes with a thorough paper trail–from customer […]

Dispatch Insights: Converting Insight Into Action

Dispatch Insights

Dispatch Insights With Dispatch Insights, every interaction in your service network is transformed into data and placed at your fingertips, so you can convert insight into action. Knowledge, at a glance With best-practice dashboards and KPIs, consuming data is as easy for the executive as it is for the data analyst. Monitor customer satisfaction in […]

What it Means To Be a Transparent Franchise

Transparent Franchise - Dispatch Technologies

Running a franchise in the home services industry is about as American as apple pie, but it doesn’t come easy. Unfortunately, once a franchise is created, the franchisors often lack full visibility and insight into the work being performed by their franchisees. All that effort the franchisor puts into developing training guides, adhering to legal […]

The Intersection of Customer Experience and Field Service

Where Customer Experience Meets Field Service telco

As long as we can remember, customer experience in the telco, cable, and PayTV space has been unbearably unpleasant. After scheduling a job, homeowners are left in the dark, wondering what is happening, if the technician will arrive on time, and who will be showing up. This is an issue… When customers are informed about […]

It’s Time The Home Service Industry Gets a Customer Experience Makeover

Dispatch is Where Customer Experience Meets Field Service” - HEADER

Customers today have become more demanding, or empowered, or a combination of the two–but one thing is certain: they expect a lot more from companies. Even when completing low priority tasks like ordering food, or searching for a movie, customers want zero problems and total transparency. Most industries have adjusted to these expectations by offering […]

#24 The Future of Machine Learning and AI in Field Service

In The Know Podcast - Dispatch Technologies

We’re here today to talk with Bill Pollock about field service, machine learning, artificial intelligence, customer experience, 2018 trends, and everything field service enterprises should be aware of this year. Bill Pollock is President & Principal Consulting Analyst at Strategies For Growth, the independent research analyst and consulting firm he founded in 1992. Previously, Bill […]

Delivering on Quality Standards in the Home Service Industry

Delivering on Quality Standards in the Home Service Industry

I recently attended my first International Franchise Association show in Phoenix and the one question I heard repeatedly from home service franchisors was: “How can we ensure that our franchisees are delivering our brand and quality standards on every single appointment?” Here are some answers:   Training Helps Training is clearly one of the core […]