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Dispatch Digest – Dispatch Payments – Streamlining Payment Processing in the Field

Introducing Dispatch Payments! Dispatch Payments – streamlining the way your service providers accept payments in the field. Designed to be easy to use and competitively priced, your service providers can take payments from anywhere by utilizing the Dispatch Work field service management software on-site with the mobile app, or in-office through the desktop.  Provide your […]

Adoption & Implementation: An Interview with Dispatch’s Engagement Team

The biggest part of any software purchasing process is the implementation and for companies that use third-party contractors getting them to adopt your software is critical. While software adoption may be glossed over by other software companies, at Dispatch we have a dedicated engagement team solely focused on making sure your network of providers has […]

The Beauty and Danger of Implementing New Field Service Software

The time has come to evaluate your field service tech stack, but can you evolve your operations without disrupting your independent pros and end-customers? Why Is Implementation important?  When a company invests in new software they’re taking a big risk. Implementing new software can take a lot of time and money and software vendors often […]

What Is Field Service Management Software?

What is Field Service Management Software? As the name implies, field service management software is software intended to help manage the operations of field services. Field service management software typically helps to manage the scheduling, dispatching, and communicating of field service professionals to help improve operational efficiency. Consider this example: You call your home warranty […]

Dispatch Digest – Meet Bill – Enterprise Billing and Invoicing

Introducing Bill! Meet Bill – our newest enterprise module, helping brands reduce the friction of billing and invoicing their independent service providers. One of the critical operational challenges faced by our enterprise customers is creating a consistent and repeatable invoicing process across their service provider network. Now, in Dispatch, you can create a transparent list […]

Dispatch Digest – Mobile App Enhancements

Mobile App enhancements to get you more job status We know that you want more control over the service experience your pros are giving your customers every day, and we know how it can be difficult for some pros to adopt the more technical solutions that enable that control.  We are excited to review some […]

Dispatch Digest – Is your network leveraging Dispatch at its fullest potential?

Introducing Dispatch Academy! Promoting the adoption of Dispatch across your network is one of the most important things you can do to get the most value out of our platform. Courtesy of their partnership with your brand, providers in your network have access to a wide variety of features in Dispatch, and to a great […]

Dispatch Digest – Getting the Most out of Manage

You may already use our enterprise Manage platform for understanding the metrics around your jobs and your pro performance, but chances are there are a few features that you may not know about.  In this issue of the Dispatch Digest, we will highlight a few lesser-known but majorly powerful features inside Manage, and show you […]

It’s 10pm, do you know where your leads are?

To Build or to Buy - 4 Questions to Ask Before Deciding

The world of sales is data-driven and the question of how to track leads become more popular. Modern sales rep has access to data that helps them sell more efficiently than ever. However, without attribution and conversion data, you’ll only get so far. Dispatch Lead Conversion Reporting helps you and your distributors close more leads […]

How Are Your 3rd-Party Contractors Doing? Here’s How to Find Out

Are your third-party service providers doing work that upholds your home services brand? Are they showing up on time to customer calls? Fixing the problem on the first visit? How do homeowners feel about your service providers’ scheduling, invoicing, and overall customer service? Without visibility into the day-to-day operations of your third-party service providers, you […]