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Unlocking Success: The Power of Total Experience in Transforming Customer, User, and Employee Engagement

What is Total Experience?  Total Experience is a business concept that suggests that companies can benefit from taking a holistic view of Customer Experience, User Experience, Employee Experience, and Multiexperience instead of focusing on each area independently.  Customer Experience: Customer experience (CX) refers to the overall perception and interaction that a customer has with a […]

Check Out The Latest Dispatch Product Updates

Dispatch has a couple of exciting product updates. We’ve added functionality to make managing jobs easier.  Searchable Jobs  The job search feature has been moved to the jobs page in Dispatch for more convenient access. You can search jobs by customer name, address, technician, status, or job source. The improved User Interface allows customers to […]

Generative AI and Your Customer: Revolutionizing Experiences

This blog was originally published on Youreka, the leading Salesforce native smart mobile forms product. Learn more about Youreka here. Exploring the vast landscape of AI, understanding Generative AI (GenAI) becomes paramount. GenAI’s applications in assisting workers have far-reaching implications across industries—manufacturing, healthcare, consumer business, and beyond. Its potential seems limitless. GenAI’s omnipresence is undeniable. […]

Manage Your Leads With Dispatch

Great news—you can now manage your leads in Dispatch! Before your jobs become jobs, they’re leads. When you create a job in Dispatch, you need relevant customer data such as address, type of services they’re receiving, etc. That information is likely already available to you. But what about people who engage with your organization who […]

The AI Revolution: Transforming Industries and Elevating Customer Experiences

This blog was originally published on Youreka, the leading Salesforce native smart mobile forms product. Learn more about Youreka here.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transcended its status as a futuristic concept and firmly established itself as a game-changer across a multitude of industries. From healthcare and finance to energy and utilities, AI is reshaping the […]

Enhance your customer experience with Dispatch

Here at Dispatch, we know that creating engaged customers starts with excellent service-level communication. That’s why we now offer In-App Customer-Technician Messaging & Job Summaries.  In-App Customer-Technician Messaging: This new feature allows your organization to bridge the communication gap between your technicians/dealers and your customers.  Your technicians can communicate directly with the customer before and […]

How To Prepare for Digital Transformation in Your Organization

What is digital transformation?  Digital transformation is more than just the latest catchy business buzzword. Digital and AI transformation refers to the ongoing development of an organization’s technological capabilities, enabling it to consistently enhance customer experiences, reduce operational expenses, and maintain a competitive edge. To put it plainly, organizations are putting down the paper and […]

Adoption & Implementation: An Interview with Dispatch’s Engagement Team

The biggest part of any software purchasing process is the implementation and for companies that use third-party contractors getting them to adopt your software is critical. While software adoption may be glossed over by other software companies, at Dispatch we have a dedicated engagement team solely focused on making sure your network of providers has […]

The Beauty and Danger of Implementing New Field Service Software

The time has come to evaluate your field service tech stack, but can you evolve your operations without disrupting your independent pros and end-customers? Why Is Implementation important?  When a company invests in new software they’re taking a big risk. Implementing new software can take a lot of time and money and software vendors often […]

What Is Field Service Management Software?

What is Field Service Management Software? As the name implies, field service management software is software intended to help manage the operations of field services. Field service management software typically helps to manage the scheduling, dispatching, and communicating of field service professionals to help improve operational efficiency. Consider this example: You call your home warranty […]