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Mobile Work, Evolved – Dispatch Acquires Youreka

Exciting Announcement! Dispatch was founded on the promise of enabling enterprise brands to do more with their independent service providers or franchise locations – more visibility, more control, and a better end customer experience. Through a laser-focus on this goal, we have evolved our product to better address our customer’s challenges with industry-leading features and […]

Dispatch Digest – Mobile App Enhancements

Mobile App enhancements to get you more job status We know that you want more control over the service experience your pros are giving your customers every day, and we know how it can be difficult for some pros to adopt the more technical solutions that enable that control.  We are excited to review some […]

Flo by Moen & Dispatch Case Study

Gain Visibility and Increase NPS - Flo by Moen & Dispatch Case Study Image

By using Dispatch, Flo was able to engage their contractors, optimize their service operations, open up transparent messaging across all parties in the service experience, and provide loyalty-inspiring experiences to their customers. “We needed to be able to connect the homeowner to the contractor and to have visibility into the job. We needed to be […]

Case Study – How Dispatch Helped KeyMe Differentiate with Customer Experience

Dispatch KeyMe

By using Dispatch, KeyMe was able to implement a new home-service business model, ensure locksmith compliance, and significantly improve the end customer experience – all through an out-of-the-box solution requiring little effort from their team. “Our customers care about three things – urgency, up front pricing, and a flawless experience with our locksmiths. Dispatch enables […]

Dispatch Digest – Getting the Most out of Manage

You may already use our enterprise Manage platform for understanding the metrics around your jobs and your pro performance, but chances are there are a few features that you may not know about.  In this issue of the Dispatch Digest, we will highlight a few lesser-known but majorly powerful features inside Manage, and show you […]

It’s 10pm, do you know where your leads are?

To Build or to Buy - 4 Questions to Ask Before Deciding

The world of sales is data-driven and the question of how to track leads become more popular. Modern sales rep has access to data that helps them sell more efficiently than ever. However, without attribution and conversion data, you’ll only get so far. Dispatch Lead Conversion Reporting helps you and your distributors close more leads […]

How Modern Retailers Drive Customer Loyalty

Image of service provider fixing a light bulb to win loyalty

Building Retail Customer Loyalty through Home Service The retail landscape has changed fundamentally over the past 20 years. The Internet gave rise to eCommerce, allowing giants like Amazon to offer a wider selection of products than brick and mortar retailers at lower prices, delivered right to your door. Experts expected this new level of choice […]

Building Products, Building Partners

White Paper - Service provider and customer loyalty

Helping your pros become a fan of your brand Your pro network is your blessing and your curse. First, you need to find the right ones. Then, you need to keep them. Seems simple enough, but with your competitors trying to do the same thing, and customer expectations steadily rising, working with your third-party network […]

Service Product

Customer service is how appliance brands win loyalty. Don’t treat it like an afterthought. Years ago, building customer loyalty was simple. You spent your time and money researching the best ways to manufacture the best product. Then, you had focus groups telling you what features they wanted in their next refrigerator or washing machine. Later, […]

Dispatch and Bloomin’ Blinds

Cutting Edge Service Tools

Dispatch and Bloomin’ Blinds  How Bloomin’ Blinds partners with Dispatch to conquer “Big, Hairy, Audacious” Goals “ We would like to be the new, modern version of window coverings—not only in our business model, but in our technology and how we handle ourselves and our customers. Having Dispatch is helping us make progress toward our […]